German Train

Trains, Planes and Automobiles – Getting Around in Europe

On my first trip to Europe with my Mom, I rented a car so we could get around.  It worked out pretty well, although we got lost a couple of times.  On my second trip, my husband and I also rented a car.  We had a little trouble understanding the road signs, but got along […]

Traveling to the “Top of Europe”

One of the coolest (pun intended) experiences we had while traveling in Europe was going to Jungfraujoch, known as the “Top of Europe.”  The site is located at the train station that is the highest – over 11,300 feet – in elevation of any in the continent.  Travelers can not continue higher except on foot or by […]

Planning your Itinerary – the Basics

Where do you want to go?  What do you want to see and do?  The first part of planning a trip is answering these questions.  Choosing where to go and developing an itinerary takes careful thought.  Whether this is your first time abroad or your hundredth, itinerary planning is vital. It is important when planning a […]