Bringing your Hobbies on Vacation

It is always difficult to decide what type of entertainment to bring along on a trip.  Should you bring books?  Movies?  Crafts, hobbies, or needlework?  What apps or games should you load onto your smart phone or tablet? On the other hand, maybe you should leave all of this entertainment behind. After all, you are […]

Buying Train Tickets for Travel in Germany

Last week, I wrote about the benefits of buying a Eurail Pass rather than buying point-to point tickets.  I promised to follow up this week with some information about buying individual train tickets in Germany. Why Germany?  Because the German rail system, Deutsche Bahn, and their website is fantastic – if you know how to use […]

Should I Buy a Eurail Pass?

  I’ve been asked about buying train tickets  – Eurail Passes in particular – and I promised to talk about it here.  I’ll explain the pass and other options available.  Then I’ll follow up in the next few weeks with more details and recommendations. The Eurail Pass  is an open-ended ticket that lets Americans travel in their choice of […]