Want to Go to Japan?

Update: I wrote about our trip in three separate posts: Enjoying Japanese Cuisine; Tokyo’s Gardens, Temples, and Shrines; and From Tsukigi (fish) and Yazawaya (yarn)  – Shopping in Tokyo.   I’ve always wondered what it would be like to purchase one of the super discount fares that I’ve seen advertised – the kind where if […]

Using Review Sites to Help in Your Planning

Travel review sites can be helpful if you know how to use them, but they should not be your only source of information.  Tripadvisor is the most popular one, but there are others.  Tripexpert uses experts rather than the general public to rate establishments.  Localeur bases its reviews on the opinions of local residents.  And […]

Planning your Itinerary – More Lodging Options

Last week I wrote about finding very inexpensive lodging. I promised to write about other options this week, so here goes… My favorite places to stay have been small hotels or bed and breakfasts (B&Bs).  Staying in this type of accommodation is a good way to experience the local culture.  The furniture and artwork, along with the linens, […]

Planning your Itinerary – Inexpensive Lodging

One of the first steps in planning your trip to Europe is reserving a place to stay.   Your budget, how many people are in your party, and your personal preferences, will help determine which lodging options you choose.  Staying with a friend, couchsurfing, or staying in a hostel are the least expensive types of lodging available. Staying in […]

Planning your Itinerary – European Highlights

One of the first questions you ask when planning a trip is, “Where do I want to go?”  There are so many possibilities in Europe, that you may have a hard time deciding. Where you decide to visit will depend on what your interests are.  If you enjoy nature, you will focus on different areas than […]

German Train

Trains, Planes and Automobiles – Getting Around in Europe

On my first trip to Europe with my Mom, I rented a car so we could get around.  It worked out pretty well, although we got lost a couple of times.  On my second trip, my husband and I also rented a car.  We had a little trouble understanding the road signs, but got along […]

Planning your Itinerary – the Basics

Where do you want to go?  What do you want to see and do?  The first part of planning a trip is answering these questions.  Choosing where to go and developing an itinerary takes careful thought.  Whether this is your first time abroad or your hundredth, itinerary planning is vital. It is important when planning a […]