Looking Forward to Travel in 2019

As I look forward to 2019, one of my first thoughts is about when and where I plan to travel. Although I have a few plans for this year, I don’t have a major European trip planned yet. I’ve been to Europe every year since 2014 and other times before then, so it might seem odd not to go this year. I’m not saying there won’t be a European trip, but nothing has been planned so far.

I do have some other trips planned, starting with a cruise in the first part of the year. Here are the travel plans and ideas I have for this year:


I had such a great time on my cruise in February of 2018, that I signed up for another one this year. I’m looking forward to spending some time away from snow and cold and enjoying warm weather and sunshine.

The Norwegian Star

On this year’s cruise, my friends and I will be visiting the Western Caribbean area. After a couple days at sea, will be visiting Jamaica and Grand Cayman, both places I have been to before. Our next stop is Roatan, Honduras – a new port for me.

After another day at sea, we stop in Belize. I haven’t been to Belize, but my daughter spent her honeymoon there and loved it, so I’m excited to visit. We have two stops in Mexico – Cozumel and Costa Maya – one of which is new to me. After one more day at sea, we return to the states for our flight home.

Vogue Knitting Live New York
The Vogue Knitting LIVE Program

After getting a taste for all things VKL (Vogue Knitting Live) last year, it didn’t take much arm-twisting to convince me to go to VKL New York again this year. My daughter will be traveling prior to the event, and when she realized how convenient and cost-saving it would be for her to fly through New York City, she ask me if I’d fly up and join her at the event. It sounded great to me!

We mentioned it to my other knitter-daughters and they are also joining us. We will have a full room at the hotel, but we are all looking forward to a couple days of classes and shopping – and a little exploration of NYC.

Smoky Mountain Cabin
At the Edge of Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Our family has booked a cabin in the Smokies for a weekend this summer. I took a road trip starting on Labor Day weekend in 2018, and spent some time driving through the area. That was the first time I had ever explored the area. I drove through Smoky Mountain National Park one afternoon, stopping at several overlooks along the way to take pictures. I look forward to spending more time there.

We’ve talked about renting a cabin for a few years and it seems that this year it will work out.  We plan to do some hiking, but also just relaxing and chatting. The cabin has great mountain views, a hot tub, and enough room for the whole family and a couple dogs.

A Trip to Europe
Eiffel Tower from the Northwest

Although I don’t have a trip to Europe planned yet, it is a possibility. Several years ago, I decided I’d like to go on individual trips with each of my daughters. I offered to pay for part of their trip, since it was my idea. I’ve gone on trips with all but one daughter, so if it works out, this year it will be her turn.

We have talked about going to Scandinavia – new for me. My daughter’s schedule looks like late summer would work out best. If that holds true, we would not want to go to Italy and Greece, which was our original plan. (The weather in these countries is too warm for a comfortable vacation in the summer). I’m excited about Scandinavia – I’ll tell you all about it, if it happens.

Vogue Knitting Live Seattle

Although I attended all the VKL events in 2018, I had not intended to follow that pattern in 2019. My daughters and I decided to go to VKL New York, but I thought that would be it.  Then, I found out that Vogue would be holding a Live event in Seattle, Washington.

Treasures from the Marketplace

There are so many reasons that I want to go to Seattle. Glass Artist Dale Chihuly has a studio there that is open to the public. The Tom Bihn factory (great travel and knitting bags) is also located in Seattle. I could visit a couple friends that live there.

There are great museums and the Space Needle. A day trip to Butchart Gardens or a drive out to the coast would also be fun. I could spend two weeks in Seattle and still not see and do everything that interests me.

Travel in 2019

I have some travel planned for 2019, but a lot of it is just ideas or dreams. I’m excited about the possibilities, even though some of the ideas may not turn into reality.

Whatever I do and wherever I travel, I’ll be sure to tell you about it.

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