New Year’s Resolutions – 2017

One thing about publishing my New Year’s resolutions is that I can go back to them and see how well I did in keeping them.  I’m a little afraid to look…

I think for now, I’ll just look to the future and form some new resolutions for 2017.  Here are my thoughts:

Imperial Gardens, Tokyo, Japan

This past year I was able to travel much more than I thought I would. (I did not expect to go to Japan!) I’m excited and eager to continue traveling in 2017.  I have a few international trips in the planning stage – I’ll let you know more as the time gets closer.

Ludington State Park, Michigan

I’d also like to be more deliberate in my travel around the states.  I have traveled some throughout the United States, but recently, I’ve been more focused on Europe. I do not plan to change my focus, but I will travel more locally when I have the opportunity.

Hedgehog Fibers Socks

I would really like to improve my knitting this year and have several specific goals in mind. First, I will make a pair of socks each month. Also, I will learn a new technique at least every other month – color work, buttonholes, or entralac are possibilities.

I will make a large dent in the stash of yarn that I have been accumulating.  At the same time, I will practice restraint in growing that stash.  I think allowing one new purchase for each two stash yarns used sounds fair.


I will continue to provide quality travel content for my readers.  I will become more organized so that I am writing some posts ahead, rather than doing them all at the last minute.  (I will try to remain flexible, though, so I can write timely posts when appropriate.).

Steven Berg’s Shop,
Minneapolis, Minnesota

I will continue to mix knitting and travel on the website.  I want to visit more yarn shops, become better at reviewing them, and make them a more important part of my website.

I will make sure the content on the site is current and update that which needs it.  I will explore other possibilities for improvement.

Looking Forward
Another Pretty View,
Venice, Italy

I’ve decided not to look back to my resolutions of 2016.  I had intended to use them as comparison and motivation, but I don’t think looking back will help.  I am only looking forward.

2017 may be my best year ever and I will do what I can to make it so. What about you? Have you made resolutions?  What will your year be like?  Leave a comment below.


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