No Travel to Europe…Yet

Eiffel Tower from the Northwest

I woke up this morning to posts by other travel writers sharing the grim news. Europe will be opening its borders for international travel on July 1, to citizens from select countries. The United States was not selected.

The US State Department also advises its citizens to avoid all international travel at this time, so travel to Europe won’t be happening for now.

When Will I Be Able to Travel to Europe?

The European Union says it will re-evaluate the list of selected countries every two weeks.  If the US can get the virus spread under control, the possibility may start improving.

Castle Katz, Rhine River , Germany

I would guess that once the E. U. starts allowing US citizens in, the State Department will relax its advisories, too.

It’s hard to say, though, how long it will take to get the virus spread under control. The US has more cases than any other country. Yes, we also have a large population, but there are few countries that have a rate of infection greater than ours.

Can I Travel Somewhere Else?

Travel is beginning to open up in the States, although there are still a lot of restrictions. Many businesses have remained closed or are offering limited service. Is it worth going on a road trip only to find out there is little to do?

A Beautiful Day at the Lake

There are places that are open, though. My sisters are at a lake in Minnesota this week.  They have had to make a few adjustments to their cabin experience, but many favorite activities are still available. They can swim, water-ski, and fish. They can sit around the fire and chat.

Trail 3 at
Turkey Run State Park

Many state and national parks are available for camping and hiking. My family and I are planning a hiking trip next month. Outdoor activities are safest, because in the open air the virus droplets dissipate more quickly.  Picnics and outdoor restaurants can be safe if physical distancing is observed.

Will This Ever End?

I hope so. I am not a scientist or a doctor, so I have no idea what the timeline is.

I have mixed feelings about travel. I am anxious to travel again – I can’t wait to start exploring new places or revisit old ones.  On the other hand, I don’t want to get sick. I don’t want to catch the virus and possibly spread it to others.

A Mask for Travel

So, I am remaining cautious. As much as I want to travel, I’m still staying home most of the time. When I go out, I wear a mask.

Everything about the virus spread has been changing rapidly. In another month, this post could be a lot different. In fact, many of the posts I’ve written during this pandemic have been outdated with new information within days, or even hours, from when I posted them.

I hoping that the news continues to change – but this time for the better.



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