I just finished pre-packing for my next trip—even though it is still weeks off.  What is pre-packing? you ask.  Pre-packing is a word I made up to describe the first step of getting ready for my trip.  I started packing this way in 2012, and found it to be extremely helpful.  I’ll explain that later.

The first step in pre-packing is to get out the luggage  It is important to check that all the zippers and handles are functioning correctly before you are ready to leave.  I check that the pull handle is working correctly.  On one trip, the handle of my suitcase broke mid-trip, and I had to buy a new one in Europe.  If there are problems with your luggage, they will only get worse as you travel.

My Carry-On Luggage

My suitcase is a spinner, which means it has four wheels, so I check that they are secure and sturdy enough to go over rough roads and cobblestones.   My bag is rather new, but I double-checked it anyway and everything looks fine.

On my last trip, I packed everything in a carry-on and small backpack and I am determined to do the same this time.  Using only a carry-on has several benefits.  First of all, it’s easier to handle.  There are times when we will be traveling by train so the carry-on will be easier to lift onto the train car and then onto the luggage rack.  Using carry-on luggage, will allow me to be on my way as soon as I am off the plane—I won’t have to wait for my luggage to arrive.  I won’t have to worry about losing it, either, if it is in the overhead bin above my seat.

Rolling my Clothes

It’s the middle of April and still quite cool here in Northwest Indiana.  Our trip is in the summer, though, so I went through my summer wardrobe picking out clothes I’d like to take along.  I need to make sure that I have enough pants, skirts and tops.  It looks like I need some new capris, and maybe a couple more tops.  Since I checked everything out today, I know I’ll have time to shop for what I need.

The clothes are all laid out on the dining room table.  As we get closer to the time we leave, I will go through my pile a few more times.  I’ll add and subtract until the combination seems right.  I’ll add some other travel necessities to the pile next week.

About the trip in 2012—I ended up spending three days in the hospital just before we left.  With the doctor’s blessing, I came home on Wednesday evening and we flew out on Thursday morning.  I didn’t have anything in my suitcase before my unexpected hospital visit, but everything was laid out and ready to go.  I was able to quickly pack, so I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

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