Don’t decide that you can’t afford to travel before you start planning.

Early Morning in Bacharach, Germany
Early Morning in Bacharach, Germany

There are many ways to save money while traveling, so knowing your budget ahead of time is important. In general, staying in large cities is more expensive than staying in small towns. To lower your overall budget, mix the two types of locations. Stay in the city for a couple days, then move to a small town for the next few days. Small towns offer castles, hiking and beautiful views; in large cities, there are museums and architecture. You will find great restaurants and opportunities for shopping anywhere.

Regency Hotel, Arles, France
Regency Hotel,
Arles, France

Two people traveling together can save money by sharing a room, sharing a meal or desert and splitting the cost of a taxi or rental car.

For a budget, figure 20-25% for plane tickets, 40-50% for food and lodging, and 25-40% for activities and travel within the country.

Plane ticket prices seem to be rising faster than the other categories, so the percentages may be different for your trip. Also, if you are an avid shopper, you need to add to the budget to compensate.

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